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Miro Tool increases capacity utilizing Formtek’s “Total System Control” technology

Miro Tool and Manufacturing of Waukesha, WI., has completed installation of a 48” coil processing system from CWP Division of Formtek-Maine.

Cooper-Weymouth, Peterson (CWP) division of Formtek-Maine has supplied 48” coil processing system to Miro Tool and Manufacturing of Waukesha, WI. Miro Tool is a leading provider of stamping and metal fabrication, laser and EDM services, tooling design and manufacturing, and machining support, as well as design and manufacture of special machinery and fixtures.

Installation of the new system provides support to Miro’s 1000 ton Verson press, to allow progressive tooling production capability, as well as in-house die try-out to Miro’s tool and die market. The new system provides the ability to process mild steel at 48” width up to .156”, with increased capacity to full .250” thickness at 24”, processing from coils up to 20,000 lbs.

The system provided is a conventional feed-straightener-uncoiler design to allow maximum versatility in the types of tooling and material that can be processed. The system begins with CWP’s SMXIIIHD48SE4 Four Roll Feed, providing twice the surface area contact with the material than conventional two-roll feed units, the unit can also be used to run thin material applications without distortion. The feed is also provided with an automated passline adjustment system, consisting of powered height adjustment with integrated clamp-to-press feature that provides the operator with time-saving positive clamping of the feed cabinet to the press once the passline is adjusted.

CWP’s Model 48HDD7 Powered Straightener provides flexibility in processing materials of various thicknesses, allowing effective straightening down to .021” by virtue of it’s 2.8” diameter work rolls and 3.25” center distances. Through years-proven success in the industry, capacities up to .250” thickness can also be processed by taking advantage of the straightener’s backed up roll and heavy duty drive system design.

A heavy-duty hold-down peeler system allows virtual hands-free threading of the material from the coil and through the straightener head. Consolidated, solenoid operator controls provide the operator with full control of the threading process, while a touchscreen at the straightener control station provides graphical step-by-step instructions to insure that all threading functions are performed in the proper sequence. Because of the high end of material thickness to be processed, a hydraulically operated coil end bender system with powered threading rolls is incorporated to provide effective back-bending of the coil’s leading and trailing edges.

The 20,000lb capacity Model 6R-48 Stock Reel utilizes an automatic tension control braking system, which automatically reduces brake tension as the coil is depleted. Hydraulic expansion and inching drive further automate the system by further facilitating the coil loading and threading function.

CWP’s Model 20042CLC Coil Loading Car provides the operator with the ability to pre-stage the next coil to be processed, further reducing the need for downtime.

Formtek’s “Total System Control” technology allows straightener roll position settings to be stored into job memory at the feed’s touchscreen control interface, and then automatically set the straightener roll position upon recall of the job from memory.

For more information regarding Formtek’s “Total System Control” technology , call 1-800-247-2645.



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